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AIDS: a new treatment could be a "revolution in immunization"

Dr Erwann Loret explains how its experimental treatment offers hope for AIDS patients.

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AIDS: treatment "incentive" in the fight against the AIDS virus

There will be cure for AIDS someday? A therapeutic vaccine Marseille gives hope. Three years after the launch of clinical trials around this treatment, three of the nine patients treated with this vaccine and infected by HIV, they saw their infected cells become undetectable in the blood. Dr Erwann Loret, at the origin of this trial confirms that these results are "encouraging" but it takes careful not to jump to conclusions. "In my gut I feel that we will be able to talk about the hope of healing when these patients do retro-seroconversionWhen the immune system no longer detects infected cells and antibodies reduce the rate. This moment is not right there in front, he explains carefully, on Tuesday, March 15.

This treatment also appears to be "rightly a revolution in vaccination". Unlike the customary vaccines, this "uses a synthetic protein and no use of adjuvants." In other words, it is not a question of inoculating the body parts of the virus harmless to accelerate the disappearance of the diseased cells. "It's a different approach for vaccination against AIDS," confirms Dr. Erwann Loret.

One million euros

Under this test,46 patients on triple therapyIt has followed the protocol for a period of twelve months. To ensure its effectiveness, doctors also proceeded then to interruptions in the treatment of two months. It was then time to verify that the virus did not reappear in the form of a "rebound viremic"Which would not occur among volunteers receiving placebo. These clinical trials will take place at the Clinical Research Center of the project hospital in Marseille, doctors were able to rely onthe financial support of start-up Biosantech Frenchandcrowdfundingon the Internet. "Clinical trials are very expensive. The arrival of Biosantech was a real blessing since these testsThey have a value of over one million euros, "Recalls Dr Erwann Loret, who hopes now that other hospitals begin to apply this method and enjoy this treatment and" check the result ".

Translated from French with poor support technology of the original written by Babylon MARC-OLIVIER Fogiel,JULIEN ABSALONpublished in 15 / 03 / 2016 to 23: 21 by Claudio Souzaand Revised by Mara MacedoIn 18 / 03 / 2016

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